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Analysing Data


Comprehensive financial planning that covers all facets of your financial life.  From emergency funds to estate planning, student loans to required minimum distributions, nothing is too small or complex to cover.     

General Financial  Planning

General Financial Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Goal-setting

  • Cash flow analysis 

  • Debt management

  • Emergency funds

  • Behavior coaching

  • HSA

  • Employee benefits review

Education Planning

Education Planning

  • Student loan analysis and repayment plans          

  • Projections and savings for future college expenses 

  • Tax-efficient planning 

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

  • Savings analysis 

  • Variations of retirement scenarios 

  • Social security optimization   

  • Cash flow & expense projections

  • Income planning

  • Retirement optimization  

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

  • Asset transition strategies 

  • Review of current plan

  • Understanding different legal documents

    • Will

    • Trust

    • Powers of Attorney 

    • Living Will

  • Nursing home planning

Investment Planning

Investment Planning

  • Custom tailored portfolios   

  • Risk tolerance analysis         

  • Review of employer-sponsored plan

  • Education on different assets classes and account options 

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

  • Efficient tax plan for retirement 

  • RMD planning 

  • Roth conversions

  • Retirement income strategies

  • Maximization of deductions

Business Planning

Business Planning

  • \

  • Evaluation and establishment of retirement plan 

  • Educational seminars for employees

  • Employee benefits analysis 

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

  • Comparing whole vs. term   

  • Calculations of how much is needed

  • Long term care

  • Analysis of: 

    • Health​

    • Auto

    • Home 

Day to Day

Day to Day Planning 

  • Any day-to-day questions that pop up                                                      

  • Access to my network of trusted professionals in different fields

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